Bella Records HB Kettle Corn

Sweet and Salty Popped on Delivery/Shipping Date for Freshness

Contactless San Antonio Delivery Available in most areas only $9.99!

Perfect Gift!

Perfect Client Gifts

Let them know you appreciate them #Gracias for your business!

Perfect Stocking Stuffer

Load these babies up #fromSanta porque te portaste bien

Perfect Reward Porque Trabajas Mucho


Bella Records LLC Merch

HB Kettle Corn

One of the businesses I deal with on a day to day basis said it was the BEST and they LOVED IT. They want to buy some for their customers, friends, and family and want the 10 packs. Thank You for making the delivery, it definately got me some points w/them!

Jake P.

I like to thank Hailyn Bella for the best homemade kettle popcorn for me for my Selena Netflix binge watching! My Mom said it's the best popcorn she has ever tasted! I recommend to buy it freaking good! Thank u for the Merch I love it!

Rosie Allison Promotions

A mi me ENCANTAN estas palomitas, muchas gracias muñeca ¿todas estas bolsas son nadamas para mi verdad? jajaja

Tia Chony

I was actually just thinking of getting something for my clients! Is it bad that I’m a trainer and give them amazing sugar? 😂 It’s actually a really great gift because they work hard when they train LOL

Paul Rezaei Personal Trainer